The Maximum Maxims Of Count Sneaky

by Count Sneaky
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Publisher: AuthorHouse

Publication Date: June 22, 2015

ISBN: 9781491850367

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”Maximum Maxims of Count Sneaky.” A brief, tightly-packed, summation of experience relating to some experience, fantasy or disappointment. It may also be foolish nonsense. But never, I say never, sir or madam should it ever devolve into mere word play unless the Count is having a little pun with you. Maxims can be written by anyone but should be left to those with life experiences longer than a box of crayons or shorter than a the main concourse of a shopping mall. They should be used, at best, to inform, educate, entertain, or at least to pass an idle hour and this book should provide the raw material for any of these savage breast soothers... civilized veneer softeners... brain augmentation and lifts and tucks. But, of course, a good collection of Maximum Maxims should contain a laugh...a yuk...or an amusing musing. As my friend and barber,Stanley Axehandle, used to say, “Count, stop annoying me with your maxims and listen to my troubles.” Stanley, without knowing it had hit upon a major nugget of human behavior that could be turned into a...TA! DA!...Maximum Maxim! Do not try this at home, particularly if the wife complains that you never take her out any more. It’s best left to professionals or at least semi-professionals. One of the great writers of maxims, Michele de Montaigne, wrote the following brilliant Maximum Maxim: “The manifest sign of wisdom is continued cheerfulness.”