The Inspirational Parent

by Alex Urbina

Publisher: Alex Urbina

Publication Date: August 18, 2017

ISBN: 9780998934327

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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The Inspirational Parent is a book written to inspire “Conscious Parenting.” I wrote the book on the framework of the BE-DO-HAVE Principle. Each chapter of the book I go over a new distinction that explains a new way of “being,” teaching parents that who you are “being” in the relationship with your kids is far more important than what it is you “do” in your relationships.

I have several contributing authors in this book with extensive experience in Transformational Training, that share their insight on each distinction. The experts in their respected field help me better explain to the readers how to practice the art of “beingness,” and how it can create the parenting context to help their kids trust them enough to create deep meaningful relationships. (Dr. Ray Blanchard, Bettie Spruill, Charlene Afremow, Raphael Natale, Gabriel Nossovitch, and many more)

The Inspirational Parent is written with the intention to open up possibilities for parents to realize for themselves that they already have all the tools they need within themselves to create the kind of connection and bond with their kids; to inspire and empower them.

My goal is to teach the average parent that the “controlling style” of parenting doesn't work after their child realizes that they have their own mind to think for themselves, and a voice that needs to be heard. Parents learn in the book that today’s youth are looking to be mentored through partnership and modeling. They are invited to start transitioning into the “coaching style” of parenting; where they learn how to speak into their child’s greatness.

Parents get invited in a loving and powerful way to step up and take responsibility for their relationship with their children, reminding them that their kids still need them to continue teaching, learning, growing and sharing with them. In the book, parents are reminded that their job is not over and “giving up” is not an option, but re-inventing themselves is ...