The Human Niche

by Razie Mah

Publisher: Razie Mah

Series: A Course on The Human Niche

Publication Date: February 09, 2018

ISBN: 9781942824428

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Why is the current story of human evolution so dissatisfying?
The answer is simple. It is not adequate.
To date, modern biological theories are built on the idea that adaptation responds to material advantage or causation, rather than the potential of an actuality independent of the species. Consequently, biological anthropologists focus on diverse proximate niches, rather than an ultimate niche, in their inquiry into human evolution.
Now, this work steps from the current fixation with a proposal that turns the focus around. The ultimate human niche is the potential of triadic relations. Proximate niches solve specific problems that arise in exploiting the ultimate niche.
Modernism hangs its fortune on the star of materiality. Modernism examines only the visible world. But look, triadic relations are not material. They entangle the material. But, the material world does not explain them.
Signs, mediations, category-based nested forms and judgments are not visible. They are unseen. Yet, they are the reason that we are here.
Here is a satisfactory story of human evolution.
For science, it proposes an ultimate niche. It shows how the idea fits (what we know about) the fossil record. It also suggests a way to model langue, one of the systems of differences in language.
For the believer, the ultimate niche cannot be locked away in the box of materiality. The star of modernism falls. Triadic relations cannot be seen. The moon of modernism moves from fullness.