The High-Performing Medical Practice

Workflow, Practice Finances, and Patient-Centric Care
by Owen J. Dahl
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Publisher: Greenbranch Publishing

Publication Date: February 14, 2019

ISBN: 9781732182356

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It used to be that if you were a good physician, a profitable medical practice followed.  But that’s not true any longer.  Today, there is too much uncertainty. It  takes solid business tactics to run a profitable and high-quality practice. 

Seize Control!  Change what you can within the context of your organization!

You can't do it alone, but with a team, opportunities for growth do exist if you know how to evaluate the practice's key business processes.  Your goal is to have a practice that runs effectively without unnecessary steps and bottlenecks that hold up work, frustrate patients and staff, and cost money.

Thousands of physicians and administrators have learned re-engineering skills through Owen Dahl’s consulting, books, and journal articles.  In this new resource, The High-Performing Medical Practice:  Workflow, Practice Finances, and Patient-Centric Care (in print or convenient eBook), Dahl has translated these principles into an easy-to-use, quick-reading book, with plenty of examples showing exactly how you and your team can re-engineer a healthcare practice.