The Essentials of Theater

A Guide to Acting, Stagecraft, Technical Theater, and More
by Lisa Mulcahy

Publisher: Allworth

Publication Date: September 04, 2018

ISBN: 9781621536475

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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An Introduction to the World of Theater
A friendly and practical guide to the stage, The Essentials of Theater will prepare actors and crew for their next show. Perfect for college students in theater programs, as well as community theater troupes, this book covers all the bases—from a brief history on theater over the centuries and basic terminology to tips on interpreting scripts, developing characters, and utilizing props. Lisa Mulcahy’s helpful explanations and examples take readers on a backstage tour, introducing the tasks and responsibilities of every participant: stage hands, sound designers, prop managers, and more. Special sections include:

A simple guide to completing your first production project

Worksheets and checklists to practice new skills

Interviews with theater critics, playwrights, and sound designers

Appendices with suggested readings, viewings, and resources for theater students

Through real-world examples and engaging activities, readers will explore every facet of the world of theater: acting, directing, playwriting, production, technical design, and more. Mulcahy even includes a chapter on innovative ways to use one’s theater education off-stage. A great resource for college theater programs and acting classes in general, The Essentials of Theater is an excellent introduction to the stage and all of its moving parts.