The Easy Moving Guide

by Melanie Barnett

Publisher: CPublishing

Publication Date: May 11, 2015

ISBN: 9781310093821

Binding: Kobo eBook

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Okay, any moving experience is memorable in that you'll never forget it!
I'd say that not too many people equate moving to a "positive" experience.

There are many reasons why people move from one location to another. Leaving home for the first time, accepting a job transfer, getting married or divorced for that matter. The reasons are as varied as the people who perpetuate them.

It's probably a pretty good bet that there are few folks who have positive memories. In fact, many of us equate moving as an unpleasant activity akin to having a tooth pulled!

No matter what the reason, however, there comes a time when most of us have to jump in and see how the water feels. I'm here to tell you that you CAN make your move a pleasant, memorable experience.

Okay, so how do we pull that off?

Well, the answer is so straightforward that we think it is too simplistic. That's because it is! Planning. Let's repeat that. . .planning. I'm reminded of a saying I heard a long time ago. So long that I can't recall the circumstances. But it went something like this:

"Proper planning prevents pitiful poor performance."

Quite the alliteration, isn't it? As trite as it sounds, it couldn't be closer to the truth. Once something gets measured, it gets accomplished. The planning stage begins the minute the idea germinates in our mind.

It doesn't matter if you are a college student moving away from home, a new bride or someone who has accepted new employment in another location. As soon as you are aware of the change in your circumstances, your mind goes to work.

Now, unfortunately, we let the mind run full blown into hurricane mode. This sets the tone for the duration of the move. One of the keys to mastering a positive memorable move is grabbing control of the runaway mind.

You CAN do this

Part of the problem stems from fear.