The Complete Book of Argan Oil

by Ahmed Kamar & Aisha Ransley
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Publisher: Marvel Oils

Series: The Marvel Oils

Publication Date: June 07, 2016

ISBN: 9781943327010

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The Marvel Oils book series is about natural oils and their extraordinary capabilities. Oils have been employed since the beginning of civilisation as an important part of the diet to maintain good health, radiant skin and hair and enhance the flavour of food.

Each book provides an in-depth study of an oil, its uses today and how it’s been used successfully throughout history. We bring you the scientific, historical and anecdotal information in a way that is entertaining, interesting and informative. Included are tips and recipes to inspire the use of oils in your daily life.

This first book The Complete Book of Argan Oil covers the history, production, uses and benefits of the world’s most expensive edible oil.

What is “liquid gold” and what do Madonna, Jamie Oliver and Sophie Dahl do with it? Also known as green gold, the oil of 100 virtues and miracle oil, Argan oil has attracted superlatives and fans in equal measure, from the hairdressers to the stars to the chefs in the best restaurants. In the pages of The Complete Book of Argan Oil, you can find out why celebrities use it on their skin and hair and why cosmetic companies are falling over themselves to get it into their products. You’ll also find a section of cosmetic and culinary recipes.

Read the story of this remarkably versatile oil which comes from an extraordinary tree that grows wild in only one place in the entire world, south-western Morocco – a dry, harsh landscape that would be barren if it were not for the Argan tree. The ancient tree has learnt to adapt to hot windy days, cold nights and very little water. Despite these hardships, or perhaps because of them, the Argan bears fruit, which contains the rarest and most expensive edible oil on earth.

The gift of the Argan tree is a healing, nourishing, hydrating, moisturising oil that can also be regarded as a functional food. With an exotic flavour and an impressive array of nutrients, Argan oil is ...