The Big Trap

Just One Last High
by T. Rose
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Publisher: Tiffy Rose LLC

Publication Date: November 12, 2018

ISBN: 9781732033115

Binding: Kobo eBook

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     What happens when a hard working young Southern Belle climbing the corporate ladder at the forefront of the computer revolution gets trapped in the dark underworld of drugs, crime, and prostitution?

     This is a true story of Tiffy Rose Baker's long journey from the hot west Texas plains and Sunday Church picnics to the executive boardroom and the shimmering nightlife of South Florida. Follow her as she boards the bus fleeing abuse and alienation in the dusty ranch country in pursuit of shattering the glass ceiling in a male dominated business world. Dedication and hard work propel her up but naivety and misplaced trust lead her into a darkness from which any escape may be fatal.

     The Big Trap is a tense and thought provoking examination of the secretive world of drugs and vice, and the high price success can extract from the unsuspecting.

     The Big Trap... Just one last High is the voice of one but the story of many.