The Art of Found Objects

Interviews with Texas Artists
by Robert Craig Bunch
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Publisher: Texas A&M University Press

Series: Joe and Betty Moore Texas Art Series

Publication Date: October 06, 2016

ISBN: 9781623494087

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In this first book of interviews with visual artists from across Texas, more than sixty artists reflect on topics from formative influences and inspirations to their common engagement with found materials. Beyond the art itself, no source is more primary to understanding art and artist than the artist’s own words. After all, who can speak with more authority about the artist’s influences, motivations, methods, philosophies, and creations?

Since 2010, Robert Craig Bunch has interviewed sixty-four of Texas’ finest artists, who have responded with honesty, clarity, and—naturally—great insight into their own work. None of these interviews has been previously published, even in part. Incorporating a striking, full-color illustration of each artist’s work, these absorbing self-examinations will stand collectively as a reference of lasting value.