The Anam Glyphs

The Oracle Cards of Lady Beautimus Pottamus
by Peggy A. Wheeler

Publisher: Dragon Moon Press

Publication Date: October 10, 2018

ISBN: 9781988256986

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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Beautimus Potamus —a talking hippo on the mythical planet, Rendaz—is a university professor at Dr. Pimbly’s School of Goodly Educated Adults, a writer, and a maker of oracles.

From Rendazian and Earthian archetypical symbols, Beautmus developed her own divination tool, The Anam Glyphs. And, with the assistance of her “Hu Man” co-author on Earth, Peggy A. Wheeler, she has written a book about her oracle.
Part fantastical fiction and part “how to,” The Anam Glyphs is a guide to creating and interpreting universal divination stones so that seekers may better define their life’s path, discover answers to pressing questions, and catch a glimpse of their destiny.

There are thirty-two glyphs, each with its own distinct symbol. Beautimus and Peggy provide instruction on how to create the stones, cast them, read them, and interpret their meanings. Woven throughout the guide are oft-time humorous anecdotes from Beautimus’ life on Rendaz, and brief commentary from Peggy A. Wheeler.

Written as the companion to The Splendid and Extraordinary Life of Beautimus Potamus, The Anam Glyphs can also be used as a standalone piece for those interested in fun oracles and unusual divination tools.