The Analytical Origin Of Life On Planet Earth

What governments do not want you to know
by H.L. Dowless

Publisher: Pronoun

Publication Date: April 27, 2017

ISBN: 9781508057543

Binding: Kobo eBook

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The work is divided up into ten books. The first book describes the moment when inspiration for the work fell upon the author and he began to organize it into narrative form.
The second book describes the problem with genes being that genes tend to mutate, but always into negatives, since the very nature of mutation is a deviation from an original point of being. The work also describes why it is that genetics mean everything to the future of families in their health and financial success. It is for this reason that certain families and cultures throughout the world have gone into extremes, in the name of preserving this heritage of genetics.
The third book describes the beginning years of earth, the way that earth originated in contrast with the officially endorsed version of the Pangaea land mass.What is described is the fact that the Pangaea land mass exited on the bottom of the sea, but then broke apart and arose from the bottom of the sea. With the formation of rivers and the deposition of alluvial soils, God men from beyond introduced the seeds of primary plant species into these soils. As the surrounding areas cooled and the alluvial soils formed, plant life expanded. As plant life expanded, animal life followed it.
The forth book describes the animal life. Animal life originated from primary species that were introduced from beyond. This animal life followed the expansion of plant life.
The fifth book describes the origin of mankind. Evidence originates from the most ancient of mankind’s literature. What we discover is that these god-men or angels, as they were called later on, crafted mankind from a mixture of blood and clay. Mankind was developed for the purpose of performing the labor needed to make earth inhabitable. Almost from the outset the genes of mankind began to mutate, yet still he lived in a type of golden age while in his original genetic superlative state.
What was destined to follow was a continuing state of genetic ...