Terrific Twos!

Positive View On Toddler’s Discipline. Effective Tips and Working Strategies for Parents. How to Raise Children Without Tantrums, Shame and Parent's Guilt
by Merry Palmer

Publisher: PublishDrive

Publication Date: October 30, 2017

ISBN: 6610000035090

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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Get A Glimpse Of Mary Palmer’s Precious Advice On How To Raise An Emotionally Intelligent Child – Starting Today! 

Is your newborn soon to be two years old and you’re dreading the age considered by many the most difficult parenting stage of Terrible Twos? Would you love for someone who knows what they’re doing to offer you a much needed helping hand? If yes, then look no further!

Mary Palmer’s “TERRIFIC TWOS!” is here to save your day! An Amazing Psychology E-Book To Guide Through A Difficult, Yet Absolutely Rewarding Journey; Parenthood of Terrible Twos Around 2-3 Years Old!

Forget about *constant yelling, continuous cries and toddler tantrums* and see for yourself how deep, true knowledge can benefit both yours and your child’s psychology. Improve your parent skills. Good to buy with toddler travel books

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