Telling Fortunes With Palmistry

Learn the Art of Palmistry and Begin Fortune Telling
by Margaret Hill

Publisher: Self-published

Series: The Fortune Telling Series

Publication Date: March 15, 2016

ISBN: 1230000994286

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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Telling Fortunes With Palmistry

Reading the future through Palmistry has been practised for thousands of years and yet remains steeped in controversy.  If you've ever wondered about the truth behind the myths and fictions surrounding this ancient form of divination, then this could be just the book for you!
Taking a simple, straightforward, no-nonsense look at the subject Margaret Hill explores in detail the different elements of the palm and how they are used to tell both the character and the potential future of the individual to which it belongs.  
The book provides an information packed and comprehensive introduction to Palmistry, allowing anybody to use the techniques which it describes and to begin practising this ancient art.  The focus in the book is providing relevant information that can be directly applied in the real world!  Suitable for complete novices, or beginners with some knowledge, the book focusses on the practical aspects of Palmistry rather than making any over-blown claims!  Even if you are sceptical about the subject of Palmistry, this book may well change your mind!   
Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn...
A Short Introduction to the History and Practice of Palmistry
The Hand Types and What They Tell Us
The Fingers, What They Mean and How to Read Them
Comprehensive Descriptions for the Lines and Mounts
Additional Descriptions for the Minor Lines and Marks