Technic and Practice of Chiropractic

by Joy Maxwell Joy Maxwell

Publisher: anboco

Publication Date: June 25, 2017

ISBN: 9783736420007

Binding: Kobo eBook

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This work is offered to the profession without apology for its brevity or its form. It has been prepared because of an immediate and pressing need for such a guide in our colleges, and is offered abroad under the impression that many practicing Chiropractors feel the same need. It is intended for handy reference and clinical use and is arranged as systematically as possible, style being everywhere sacrificed to utility. The author lays no claim to the origination of any of the subject matter of this book nor to having invented any of the movements described under Technic of Adjusting. The arrangement and phraseology are in the main original. The intention has been merely to condense into practical and convenient form for students and practitioners certain knowledge now held and utilized in our profession. The author feels himself indebted to the entire profession for the information embodied in this work, and to scientists of all time upon the results of whose infinite and painstaking research are based our present day advancement; to the many friends and co-workers whose valuable criticisms and suggestions have aided in this labor; and to his students, past and present, who have furnished the necessary10 encouragement and inspiration for the achievement of this, the author's first text-book. The chief merit of this effort—if merit there be—is its honesty. The author has endeavored to set forth fairly and simply the facts and hypotheses with which we have to deal. Its chief offense, in the eyes of many, will lie in its being just what it purports to be—a book on Chiropractic. Constructive criticism and suggestion are invited from all sources, for by our interchange of thoughts we grow. J. M. L. The republication of this book has been made possible by the sustained friendship of the profession for it, and the author's thanks are due its many buyers and readers who, by their recommendation, have made it both possible and necessary that this book should live and grow.