Teacher Education Yearbook XXIV

Establishing a Sense of Place for All Learners in 21st Century Classrooms and Schools
by LeAnn G. Putney & Nancy P. Gallavan
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Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

Publication Date: December 17, 2015

ISBN: 9781475824582

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The Association of Teacher Educators (ATE) Yearbook XXIV offers 16 captivating chapters related to establishing a sense of place or belonging for P-12 students, classroom teachers, teacher candidates, and teacher educators. The chapters include theory, research, concepts, principles, practices, and programs that inform and support as well as question and challenge readers from multiple perspectives. Readers gain insights and inspiration that illustrate ways teachers and learners negotiate meaning in environments where everyone experiences social and cultural connections with personal and academic fulfillment. Collectively, the authors identify, describe, analyze, and advance issues associated with creating both an individual and a shared sense of place among the ever-changing populations in contemporary P-12 schools and classrooms. Like human geographers, teacher educators and educational researchers study environments where children grow up and create bonds with their early environments that continue to influence them throughout their lives based on the ways in which meaning is negotiated in that early space. Candidates, teachers, and teacher educators benefit by investigating the presence and power of these landscapes impacting the teaching, learning, and schooling.