A Devotional for Adopting with God in the Lead
by Alison England
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Publisher: Winged Word Press

Publication Date: August 15, 2017

ISBN: 9780998213729

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Whether you are just considering adoption as an option to build your family or you are well into the process, Tandem will take you step-by-step down the adoption path and leave you standing in the shadow of our Lord with a child in your arms.

I truly believe that if you WANT to adopt you WILL adopt. Adoption is certain. You just have to hang in there long enough.

Allowing God to be in the front seat of your adoption will make all the difference as you navigate the tougher moments and celebrate the exhilarating ones.

WHAT? You are a control freak…and don’t trust anyone else but yourself to steer in the front seat. I know, I’ve been in your shoes. Control is what we all seek, and giving that up is tough. But your ability to withstand the duration and difficulties on the highway of adoption completely depends on your acceptance that this is a tandem bike ride-with Jesus in the lead.

Each chapter in this book weaves together:

Tandem is different than other adoption devotionals, in that it follows a chronological flow that provides adoptive parents tools and resources in bite-size pieces to tackle each task with faith-based confidence.

You will feel the momentum in your adoption build. Tandem is forward moving, with each chapter taking you closer to your child. Here are a few examples of chapter titles:
The Beginning
Winning at the Waiting Game
Overcoming Doubt
Ruling Out Options and Zeroing In
The Home Study
Creating Your Profile

At the end of each chapter, Scripture and Thoughts for the Road are included as tangible tools for this adoption trek. It is my recommendation to start each new chapter as you approach and navigate the next step in the adoption process.

If you are thirsting for stories of hope, seeking a sliver of security-you will find it in the pages of Tandem.