TASTE LIFE: Healing the Wounded

by Francois Mostert

Publisher: Francois Mostert

Publication Date: May 17, 2015

ISBN: 9781310933042

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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TASTE LIFE Healing the Wounded was born out of decades of inner-healing prayer ministry and training of lay-counselors and professionals in Scriptural principles that when applied lead to radical life-transformation. Many people are in need of facilitator training and this book provide the answer.

TASTE LIFE Healing the Wounded is flavored with countless illustrations from real-life one-one counselling sessions that illustrate how to implement the principles discussed in the book. Building on a thorough Scriptural understanding as the basis for emotional healing TASTE LIFE Healing the Wounded takes you by the hand and equip you not only to position yourself, but others as well, to receive Truth leading to mind-renewal and life-transformation.

Providing an simple frame of reference TASTE LIFE Healing the Wounded becomes a "manual" that instructs the reader how to pray effectively with(counsel) those caught in a trap of hatred, wounds of vulnerability, suffering under the burden of guilt or wrestling with the pain of sorrow and sadness.

Every person develop their own unique set of psychological defenses and through the concept of the "principle of opposite choice" a clear and extremely practical way of encouraging people to drop their "psychological fig-leaf coverings" are introduced. Once a person find themselves standing helplessly and hopelessly in the "naked truth" of their own lies, sins and accompanied emotional pain they very quickly discover how the Lord Jesus Christ cover their pain with the "skin-coverings" of His Grace. Whether you need help for alcohol addiction or any other addictive behavior pattern TASTE LIFE Healing the Wounded will provide you with an escape route.

Through very insightful and practical teachings complex problems are addressed illustrating how, through the application of practical wisdom and Scriptural principles, resolution is possible for a wide range of "disorders".