Summary & Analysis of Brief Answers to the Big Questions

A Guide to the Book by Stephen Hawking
by ZIP Reads

Publisher: ZIP Reads

Publication Date: February 20, 2019

ISBN: 1230003092859

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Stephen Hawking's final book, he answers ten of the "big" questions he was asked during his life. His answers are thoughtful, expansive, and brilliant—just as you would except from one of the most renowned scientific minds in human history.

What does this ZIP Reads Summary Include?

  • Synopsis of the original book
  • Summaries & Key Takeaways from each of the 10 questions
  • Simplified science from the original book
  • In-depth Editorial Review
  • Background on Stephen Hawking

About the Original Book:

Stephen Hawking’s final book is a brilliant yet succint look into some of the biggest questions that face humanity, such as "Where did it all begin?" and "Is time travel possible?" While the first six questions look towards issues science may already be able to answer (at least to some degree), the last four questions focus on Hawking’s outlook for the future of humanity, Earth, and our civilization.

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