Suicide: You Don't Have to Die to Live

by Sandra Gould Thompson

Publisher:, Inc.

Publication Date: December 17, 2015

ISBN: 9781634909945

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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Suicide is something no one wants to talk about. The act conjures up everything that we fear. It requires that we look at our mortality.

Because we confuse happiness with contentment, we aim for something unobtainable by their very nature. When we view life through the eyes of the mentally ill, it adds the unique complication of their inability to achieve either.

Her own attempted suicide has afforded the author an intimate view of the thoughts and emotions surrounding this short-sighted act. The aim of the victim is, more often than not, mistaken for an end that will bring them the rest and peace for which they ache. In reality, the prospect of the proverbial "frying pan into the fire" is more likely the case.

Direction to appropriate care for the victim, as well as use with their loved ones is presented. The different methods are discussed, and what they can expect from the various methods.

This book is necessarily abbreviated as its use is meant to be expedient. It is one of intervention and is not necessarily for edification. It is the desire of the author that it be picked up by the individual who is seeking rest, but also for those that love them in an effort to save them from their agony and its unfortunate yet logical conclusion.