Suffragist Hellraiser

by Sharon Margolis
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Publisher: AuthorHouse

Publication Date: January 12, 2018

ISBN: 9781477244470

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It is 1911 and Katherine Moore is a determined woman. As a womans suffragist in the small town of River Run, California, she fearlessly faces her opponents head-on. She is not easily intimidated by anyone, especially the towns handsome chief of police. Until Kates return to River Run, police chief John Gallagher enjoyed ensuring peace in his quiet little town. As she stirs up trouble and controversy while fighting for the womens vote and searching for her fathers killer, John cannot help but admire her courage, pride, and magnificent spirit. While sparks fly and an undeniable attraction builds between Kate and John, she soon realizes her search for justice has put her in grave danger. Now only time will tell if her rugged lawman can save her, before it is too late. In this historical tale, a gritty womans suffragist on a perilous journey to seek justice is about to discover that nothing is more powerful than a woman on a mission, especially when she partners with a man just as determined to capture her heart forever.