Strictly Classified

Insights into the Trainer's Mind
by Marten Julian
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Publisher: Raceform

Publication Date: October 26, 2015

ISBN: 9781910498798

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Strictly Classified offers readers a unique insight into the workings of a trainer’s mind, notably in relation to their understanding of a racehorse’s psyche, emotions and character. Calling from his training in psychotherapy and other disciplines, Marten Julian sheds light on how trainers and horsemen try to unravel the innermost workings of a horse’s mind. He has asked many of the world’s top trainers how they identify and relate to a horse’s individual personality and thereby encourage it to realise its full potential. Reference is made to how they address the potential effect of a racehorse’s formative years, their integration into a yard, their emotional range of experiences, their spirit, their will to win and their end days. This is a book specifically about trainers and the way they deal with a horse’s character and psychological profile. Illustrated with examples of well-known horses they have trained.