Strategic Leadership: Realizing Student Aspiration Outcomes

by Inas Zulkipli Ph.D. & Hairuddin Mohd Ali Ph.D.
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Publisher: Partridge Publishing Singapore

Publication Date: October 12, 2018

ISBN: 9781543747799

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Strategic leadership is considered alienated to the education administrators’ fraternity. The scholars of education were unaware of this knowledge because education stood by itself. The dynamic globalization changed the world in almost everything, including education. This dynamic and fast-changing environment almost shocked the education fraternity. Instantaneously, they felt left out and lacking of effective and dynamic strategies to cope up with the swift change. Therefore, the new and contemporary educational strategic leadership knowledge content of this book is able to contribute to the endeavors of future educational leaders. Our precious book is definitely invaluable to educational leaders and educational managers all over the world. As for postgraduate students in educational leadership, this book might be useful for you as well.