Story of Indian Clay

by Vahine Taino

Publisher: Youcanprint

Publication Date: October 17, 2018

ISBN: 9788827849491

Binding: Kobo eBook

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Friends you have read about new stories, about OR history of every element present on this earth Which is researched or wrote by some scientist, author, journalist etc… Whether it is living or non-living in human beings there is a feature installed in our system (human body) by who made us (as far we know we have not known yet who made us only “God’) which is called as curiosity. This is a feature which make any living creature living on this earth to know more about that topic it generates a lead that is also called as interest it generates interest about that topic and we human beings started searching for that his history, future everything we try to find the answers of this type questions how? Why? When? By Whom? About that topic.
Every stories are related with some place, person OR event it has some special bonding with that place, person OR event and it makes that more interesting and we try to discover its stories and read it.
Today we are going to read about an element for most of the people it is more than a waste in our mind or in our modern life they just say it a dust, soil, mud etc. It has many forms element is one but it has many forms in the different names I have stated above.