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Tribute - 50 quotes that show Stephen Hawking wisdom and legacy
by Mobile Library

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Publication Date: March 18, 2018

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More than just a English famous theoretical physicist, cosmologist and author,Stephen William Hawking was a remarkable individual who show everyone that hope and perseverance can accomplish what seems impossible.

When, at age 21, while studying cosmology at the University of Cambridge, he was diagnosed with a rare early-onset slow-progressing form of motor neurone disease that gradually would paralyses him, the doctors were not optimist and did not give him much live expectations: doctors gave him two and a half years to live...

But he found a way do amazing things while fighting his chronic illness until he was 76 years old.
In that time, among other activities, he wrote or co-wrote a total of 15 books, he became a world renowned physicist and wrote very important works, namely "A Brief History of Time", "The Universe in a Nutshell", "A Briefer History of Time" and "The Grand Design".

Stephen Hawking lived from January 8, 1942 to March 14, 2018, but his ideas and example stay with us and will be remembered for a long time.

This eBook is also a tribute to his perseverance, in the form of sayings and quotes of Stephen Hawking about various topics like love, science, aliens, god, computers, life, social, truth, relationship, etc, of one of the world's greatest thinkers

Be inspired by this motivational 50 quotes, that show the Stephen Hawking wisdom and legacy.