Stellar Sterility

The Search for Alien Presence in the Solar System
by Ross Marshall

Publisher: Ross S Marshall

Series: Alien Artifacts -III

Publication Date: March 15, 2016

ISBN: 1230000993647

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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Stellar Sterility is a scientific study of NASA materials concerning the existence of aliens in our solar system and universe. Most people have given up on the truth and resigned themselves to fables and fictions to sooth their pains and fears about life. Even half of NASA believes in E.T.’s. There is a deep feeling in each human being that we are short of the mark of saving our planet. Thus, the big lie that ALIENS from another solar system are here to save us. Some think they are here to control and use us. There are many theories. The truth is shown in STELLAR STERILITY that man IS ALONE and the only way off this planet is in a box! It also shows that there are NO alien artifacts on our planetary bodies either. It proves beyond a doubt that man is trapped on earth doing "time." Yes, the universe was created for us and us alone, but humans were never meant to inherit it as mortals. This book shows the reader that for man to colonize and inherit the universe he will have to be Immortal and Incorruptible. And, there is only ONE way we are going to do this and aliens aren’t it! Read why NASA says we may never leave our solar system! Read also why it is highly unlikely that any aliens have visited us. Maybe there aren’t any? Over 600+ pages of shocking scientific evidence and 100’s of pictures and illustrations.