Star World Ascension

by Ted Denmark & Julie Loar

Publisher: BookBaby

Publication Date: September 17, 2018

ISBN: 9781543946642

Binding: Kobo eBook

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After initial revelations of previously suspected but not well-understood circumstances of Julie and Ted's lifelong contactee experiences in The Star Table Trance Missions—they discovered they are Pleiadian/ Earthuman hybrids with ET fathers from Planet Erra in the Taygeta (pron. "Tai-jeta") System—they now move beyond the second volume adventures of Star Family Excursions, towards aspects of Earthly humankind's genesis from the region of Andromeda in this third volume of the *5 Star Series*, Star World Ascension. The Andromeda Galaxy, the larger companion of our Milky Way, is found in the direction of the great yellow star Mirach, the bright Beta star in the Andromeda Constellation (the "chained woman" and future wife of Perseus mythologically, and on the Aries/ Taurus cusp astrologically). Visitors from this most distant place are hosted in this series of Telepresence Conferences in this next group of confabulations experienced and reported on by Julie in her superconscious hypnotic state of awareness. It is said that Andromedans are responsible for the intriguing "Crop Circles" (the authentic, accurately rendered ones at least!) that have been appearing now for 50 years, most famously in the south of England. The Andromedans have a somewhat less varied and conspicuous presence on Earth than the Pleiadians or Sirians, though they, too, are fairly similar to archetypal humanoids or hominids in both their galaxy and ours—as is generally true, according to them, throughout the cosmos. The period covered is that of 2012 and early 2013, the "Ascension theme" era, before and after the much-anticipated event said here to be a galaxy-wide energy surge similar in nature to that described in the books of Paul LaViolette. Various familiar ETs and first-time guests attempt to anticipate the more local consequences of this momentous galactic event for the continuing web of life on Earth.