Squirrel Tales to Game Trails and Shore Lunches

A Sharing of my Hunting and Fishing Experiences
by Ben Harpe
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Publisher: Ben Harpe

Publication Date: November 28, 2018

ISBN: 9781535601047

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Why do I hunt and fish? Because I derive enjoyment, satisfaction, relaxation, and pleasure from it, that’s why. I enjoy the planning, preparation, anticipation, excitement, camaraderie, and if I’m fortunate enough to be successful, the meals of wild fare. I enjoy the sharing, the stories and the memories.

   In writing this book, I do not intend to make any bold or profound revelations for or against the sport of hunting and fishing. I only want to share a few of my memorable experiences in hopes that my fellow hunters and fishermen will be able to relax over these antidotes. Perhaps they’ll see themselves, or fellow hunters, in these stories and also realize some personal enjoyment as a result of it. Some of the following stories are serious, some are silly, and I hope will bring a chuckle. All are true, because I was there. The names have been changed to protect the innocent (me).

   So please sit back, relax and enjoy. And if you see yourself in any of these stories, don’t tell anyone it was you. I promise I won’t tell them it was you either.