Speed of Light Increasing 3 Meters per Second Each Year

by Richard Lighthouse

Publisher: Richard Lighthouse

Publication Date: October 17, 2016

ISBN: 9781370685868

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Based on the work of NASA scientist, Dr Daniel Gezari, we can conclude that the speed of light, c, is increasing approximately three meters per second each year. See his publication, “Lunar Laser Ranging Test on the Invariance of c,” available at arxiv dot org. This amount is a small, yet significant change because it alters our ideas about relativity and Einstein's theory. If the speed of light is not constant, this changes our fundamental views for all physical constants. In fact, many physical constants are derived from, or have c “imbedded” within their equations. Planck's constant and the Gravitational constant are two that would be affected by this new understanding. Even our fixed value for the length of a meter is based upon a constant speed of light. We can deduce that the rate of change for the speed of light is also changing, which implies the existence of a newly defined point in geological time, where delta c, momentarily equals zero. We will call these points in the timeline, “Cardinal Points.”