Soul Love Never Ends

A True Story of The Power of Love and After Death Communication
by Katye Anna & Allan Sethius
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Publisher: Katye Anna

Publication Date: September 06, 2015

ISBN: 9780996827126

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Soul Love Transcends Everything
November 1st, 2014 began just like many other nights for Katye and her husband Allan.  As they sat together holding hands and watching television Katye heard a voice telling her that Allan was going to die and leave her.  She continued to hold his hand and heard the words three more times, “Katye, Allan is going to die and leave you.” Looking to see if he heard the voice, she realized the words were for her ears only.  Pushing the words back to the confines of her mind, she went to bed knowing that her soul was preparing her for what lie ahead.  

Within hours of receiving the message, Allan, who had been perfectly healthy, was being airlifted to a hospital and not expected to make it there alive.                    .

Soul Love Never Ends is Katye and Allan’s story of true love. Beginning on that fateful night until

Allan’s birth into spirit as he experiences life after physical life … and Katye experiences life without her husband by her side on this planet.

Their story will give you a firsthand experience of Soul Love and how it continues even after physical death. Together, Katye and Allan provide a road map for understanding the depth of Soul Love, and the way it continues beyond what we commonly call “death.”  Their story is proof of the power of love and the possibility of after-death communication.