Soccer Stamina: pt.3 Strength Endurance Workouts

by Nathan Pallesen

Publisher: Nathan Pallesen

Publication Date: May 16, 2015

ISBN: 9780473282912

Binding: Kobo eBook

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Soccer Stamina Series - Part 3: Strength Endurance will show you how to develop your strength endurance specifically for soccer so that you will see the results come game day.

Strength is an under-rated physical attribute in soccer. Not only is it important in the battle to win the ball but it is also crucial for power which effects speed, agility, shot power, jumping power etc - not to mention the injury minimization role that strength training plays.

Strength endurance is largely ignored in a soccer player's or coach's training regime. This is unwise because it can be a great source of competitive advantage. Strength Endurance, the 3rd element of Soccer Stamina is important to ensure that all of your power & strength is maintained in throughout the match. It is also crucial that you can sustain your strength within a given circumstance - for example, when trying to resist a challenge from someone trying to take possession of the ball.

It is the elements that others don't train that will give you the edge. Strength endurance training is one of those elements.
Due to the importance of the warm up and the cool down before/after any exercise we have also included two bonus chapters.

Bonus chapter 1: Warming Up and Dynamic Stretching
Bonus chapter 2: Cooling Down and Static Stretching