Soccer Stamina: pt.2 Anaerobic Sprint Circuits

by Nathan Pallesen

Publisher: Nathan Pallesen

Publication Date: May 16, 2015

ISBN: 9780473282820

Binding: Kobo eBook

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Anaerobic endurance is the 2nd of three key parts to stamina in soccer. Soccer Stamina Series Part 2 will show you how to train for anaerobic endurance using sprint training circuits designed to increase your anaerobic conditioning specifically for soccer.

* Do you take too long to recover after a series of sprints? Does this affect your focus and skill execution?
* Are your legs turning to jelly?
* Is your pace & power diminishing as the game progresses?
* Does your change of direction lack sharpness or are your turns and speed off the mark laboured as you start to fatigue?
* Coaches: Could your team do with more pace, power and sharpness in the latter parts of the match?
* What advantage could your team have over the opposition if they were still sharp, powerful and agile in the dying stages as the opposition was fading?
When most people think of stamina they think of aerobic fitness. However, for sports like soccer aerobic fitness is just one of 3 parts of stamina. Anaerobic endurance and strength endurance are the other 2 parts. Often neglected (often not even considered), anaerobic conditioning is a vital part of soccer stamina.

Anaerobic conditioning can also be thought of as speed & power endurance. After so many explosive movements you start to lose speed & power. Anaerobic conditioning will help you to minimise your loss of speed & power. Not only that, it will also lead to significant improvements with short term recovery on the field (will need less time to get your breath back and prevents early onset of jelly legs) and faster post-game or post-training recovery off the field.

In an explosive, fast paced sport like soccer it is crazy to neglect anaerobic conditioning. The trouble is that so many players and coaches do just that – a lot of the time because they are unaware of even the existence of this type of training, let alone how to do it.

If you are someone who has been neglecting their ...