Singularities and Foliations. Geometry, Topology and Applications

BMMS 2/NBMS 3, Salvador, Brazil, 2015
by Raimundo Nonato Araújo dos Santos, Aurélio Menegon Neto, David Mond & others
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Publisher: Springer International Publishing

Series: Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics

Publication Date: March 22, 2018

ISBN: 9783319736396

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This proceedings book brings selected works from two conferences, the 2nd Brazil-Mexico Meeting on Singularity and the 3rd Northeastern Brazilian Meeting on Singularities, that were hold in Salvador, in July 2015. All contributions were carefully peer-reviewed and revised, and cover topics like Equisingularity, Topology and Geometry of Singularities, Topological Classification of Singularities of Mappings, and more. They were written by mathematicians from several countries, including Brazil, Spain, Mexico, Japan and the USA, on relevant topics on Theory of Singularity, such as studies on deformations, Milnor fibration, foliations, Catastrophe theory, and myriad applications. Open problems are also introduced, making this volume a must-read both for graduate students and active researchers in this field.