Sexuality: Drive and Relationship

by Peter Philippson

Publisher: Manchester Gestalt Centre

Series: Topics in Gestalt Therapy

Publication Date: June 29, 2018

ISBN: 1230002400181

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It has become a truism in psychotherapy writings to say that therapy is about the ‘lived-body’ (Körper) rather than the physical body (Leib), and the ‘phenomenal world’ rather than the physical world, and has thus reproduced the Cartesian mind-body split that Perls and Goodman were so keen to move away from. The human animal, with its appetites, skin and genitalia, is gone! So we are left with a cerebral version of sexuality which has lost its rawness and danger. The primary sexual organ is then the brain and our narrative capacity. I think it is useful for Gestaltists to go back and revisit the important place that Freud allocated to sex.