Seven Strong, Dominant Women With a Man-Taming Hobby:

by Ken Phillips

Publisher: Ken Phillips

Publication Date: August 17, 2018

ISBN: 9781386343882

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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I have spent the better part of two decades connecting with muscular, kick ass women and men who love them. Nothing, in my opinion, is cooler than when a woman shows a man who's boss. While men are generally stronger and tougher, there are excepts. In fact, there are more exceptions than most people think! If you like reading about and seeing pics of women who can/do kick butt, then you'll enjoy this book as well as my others.

This book begins with Cindy who has already taught her husband about woman-power! Her next student, her son, learned the hard way that a 150lb man isn't capable of simply overpowering most active, strong women. Cindy understands the frailties of the male ego, yet she still wants the men in her life to understand the limits of their power.

Emmy is a big, beautiful 225lb lady. She has a husband she adores who is an inch or two taller than her but about eighty pounds lighter. Read about (and see pics) of how Emmy defeats her husband Danny and how she defeats other, larger men. Emmy doesn't always understand why men expect to win when they face her. She is one of the more gentle women featured here.

Kara was adopted as a baby and has grown to be a beautiful, powerful woman. She has a wonderful relationship with her older but smaller brothers who have never had an issue with having a sister than can outmuscle them. This native of Mozambique likes men but is romantically drawn to women. As was the case with Emmy, Kara doesn't understand why so many men have issues with losing to her. At about 5'7" and 177lbs, Kara is a quiet, sweet woman but she's also a force to be reckon with!

Gianna is fifty-four and she's a real spitfire! This lady is in terrific shape and at 5'4" 148lbs she has learned the benefits of being able to kick butt! Gianna has claimed her husband's brother's son and her own husband as pets. While she can't take down nearly as many men as Emmy or Kara, you'll love Gianna!

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