Sayonara Theory of Evolution, Hello Biological Interrelation

by Edgar A. Postrado

Publisher: Edgar A. Postrado

Publication Date: May 13, 2016

ISBN: 9781310872105

Binding: Kobo eBook

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The discovery of boundary line by Intelligent Design has given us a better understanding of the biological world that almost all scientists who are dealing with biological science and its related fields had unknowingly forgotten and neglected. The boundary line is one of the most powerful tool in the categorization process or method of all X in the entire natural realm. This book is my public report to scientific community and humanity about my discoveries in biological world.

When Einstein had shared his new discoveries on 1905, no one had ever
understood him. No one knew him. Although on his time, science
journals were not clinging to religious practices like in our
generations, he had easily submitted his new discoveries to those
journals even though no one could understand him. He waited many years
for the world to know his new discoveries. Einstein waited hopelessly.

BUT a famous scientist named Max Planck had read, seen and understood
his new discoveries as published and Planck was the one who had helped
Einstein's discoveries to be understood. Planck had brought Einstein's
discoveries to the world and to the whole scientific community. Through
Planck, Einstein had become famous.

NOW, even until today, no one
had ever understood my new discoveries. I am looking also for a
scientist, the most famous one (LOL!) but the most intellectual one who
could understand my new discoveries and help me share my new discoveries
to the world and be understood - and at the end, I will become very
famous and rich! LOL! Are you my Max Planck?

Thank you for
your interest to this book. In addition to this book, I also uploaded
many YouTube videos in the official YouTube channel of the New
Intelligent Design to help many people to understand the new discoveries
that I've ...