Sardar Patel And Communal Issues Of Kashmir

by Neelam Pandey
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Publisher: Centrum Press

Publication Date: June 30, 2016

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We all know the immense contribution of Sardar towards freedom of India and Republic of India. It was he who united India. The British rule decided to divide in India by giving India freedom. They planned that when all the 600 states of India get independent then later the big countries can attack them and conquer these tiny states. This was the game plan of the British rule. But one man stood in front of their plan and it was Sardar Patel. He understood the policy of the Bristish rule and that is when he decided to make India united. He went to all of the states and convinced them to be part of India. There are many who agreed, especially the kings who were patriots and true Indians, but there were also a few who opposed. During this, there was another question that came up and it was the Kashmir issue which is still on the plate till date. As communal tensions spread within the Jammu region and the surrounding Punjab, the loyalty of the Hindus and Muslims began to gravitate to India and Pakistan respectively. If this advice had been heeded in time, there would have been no Kashmir problem today.