Mothers Share POST-Birth Stories
by Chaya Kasse Valier
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Publisher: Chaya Kasse Valier

Publication Date: August 13, 2017

ISBN: 9780998855110

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Everyone asks about your birth story, but what about after that? The postpartum period – the time frame after giving birth - can affect mothers and families as much as the birth itself, if not more.

Second Labor features twenty-four mothers’ unique, personal experiences after having a baby. Their stories are bold, honest, and reflective. You’ll grab for the tissue box, laugh out loud, or both.

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These personal stories provide validation for other mothers, as well as insights for anyone supporting postpartum women, whether you’re family, a friend, or a professional. From a first baby to a fifth, in expected or unexpected circumstances, Second Labor gives voice to a wide spectrum of stories about what life is truly like with a new baby.

Second Labor has earned coveted reviews in Publishers Weekly and Readers' Favorite. 


"...Birth stories are perceived as sexy, while the postpartum period is seen as anything but. Yet postpartum is full of stories..."

While birth stories are welcome in our culture, post-birth stories are not given a forum. Birth stories are perceived as sexy, while the postpartum period is seen as anything but. Birth is finite, whereas postpartum goes on for a while, and therefore seemingly doesn’t lend itself to the buildup-crescendo-conclusion of a story. Yet postpartum is full of stories, and this anthology seeks to fill our culture’s postpartum story gap by giving voice to a wide spectrum of experiences.

Some examples of topics include the breastfeeding-versus-formula quandary, not loving the baby until after a few months, razor-at-wrist postpartum depression, “rebirthing” a baby with Down syndrome, homebirths, C-sections, vaginal birth ...