Ritual Communication: A Magical Primer on Spirits & Divination

by Cherie Zele

Publisher: Speckled Egg Publishing

Publication Date: August 30, 2017

ISBN: 9781386785354

Binding: Kobo eBook

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Rituals Communication to Understand the Mysteries of the Spirit World

Let the Magickal work of the Three Eyed Sisters unravel the mystery of spirit communication as Cherie Zele exposes what lies beyond the veil. Weather you are in search of esoteric philosophy or in need of direct answers people have been reaching for connection to hear the messages from the spirits since the beginning of civilization.
With the guidance in the book Zele explains in detail the nature and tradition of spirit communication as practiced by the Three Eyed Sisters, a network of hidden women based out of a rural village in Western Massachusetts. 

In this volume Cherie explains the origins of the Three Eyed Sisters and how spirit communication evolved in western Mass. over the past two centuries. She explains how those hybrid traditions are applied today in group social spirit communications as a part of their regular meetings. 

She explains the most common opening and closing ceremonies before and after communication. The experience of the personal communication in formal trance meditation and what to expect when contact is made. 

With decades of experience in the Goetic tradition Zele explains the foundation of working with the 72 daemons of the lesser key of Solomon with explanations not found in other grimoires. 

Additional Explanations and codes in Tarot, Ouija, Tea Leaves, Scrying, and Rune Divination.