Respectful Policies and Directives

How to Write Rules That People Want to Follow
by Lewis S Eisen
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Publisher: Lewis Eisen

Publication Date: January 06, 2017

ISBN: 9781988749013

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If people are not following your administrative policies, maybe it's because of the way they are written. Do you properly distinguish Policies from Standards, and both of those from Guidance? If you learn how to write policies and rules properly, you can put together a policy suite that people are happy to follow.

This book will make you rethink the way you convey your rules in policies, directives, and guidelines. Perfect Policies are clear, concise and respectful. 

A confrontational or dictatorial style is unbecoming a respectful environment. You will see how the wording of your rules in your policy documents reveals the amount of respect you have for your employees or customers—or betrays the lack of it.