Renaissance of Birth

Changing the Language of Childbirth
by Susan Highsmith
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Publisher: Words Matter Publishing

Publication Date: May 10, 2018

ISBN: 9781947072701

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Dr. Susan Highsmith is an enlightened renaissance grandmother! She is a seeker of truth and spiritual wisdom, a lover of science and knowledge, a caring mother and grandmother, and a qualitative researcher. The Renaissance of Birth is the culminating tapestry of her perspectives as she leads us through a deeply meaningful quest to understand how we bring in our children-how we conceive, carry and birth our babies-past-present-future. We are at a crossroads in our world view paradigm, our understanding of babies and what they need to thrive from the beginning of life, restoring balance between science and feminine wisdom, and how we all, as stewards of the next generation, can help make a difference. For parents-to-be and all of us, I recommend this book!

Wendy Anne McCarty, PhD RN

Founding Chair/Faculty of Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology

Graduate Programs, SBGI

Project Director, 12 Guiding Principles - PPN: Nurturing Human Potential from the Beginning of Life

Author, Welcoming Consciousness: Supporting Babies' Wholeness from the Beginning of Life