Read and Learn

by B.K. Chaturvedi

Publisher: Diamond Pocket Books Pvt ltd.

Publication Date: March 09, 2016

ISBN: 9788128813528

Binding: Kobo eBook

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The legendary physicist Niels Bohr had put up a horseshoe at his door. Somebody asked him that he was a scientist, how come he believed in a superstition like a horseshoe. The scientist replied: "I have been told whether you believe in it or not, it brings good luck to you." I Therefore, the best aspect of future telling is that those who say that they don't believe in it, even they can't resist the curiosity to know what is in store for them.

However, this book will help you to understand the intricate and complex world of numerology. After reading it, you can practice it for fun, pleasure and even making friends and influencing people.