Raised By Wolves

A Pack Odyssey
by CJ Rogers

Publisher: BookLogix

Publication Date: February 16, 2016

ISBN: 9781610056205

Binding: Kobo eBook

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Raised By Wolves: A Pack Odyssey is the story of the first four years of a pioneering, ongoing research study and life with wolves that has continued for nearly twenty-five years. In this scholarly yet poetically personal book, psychologist/wolf ethologist CJ Rogers takes the reader into the creation of her first wolf pack, and then into the secret splendors of pack life itself. In complete contrast with works that portray humans as “super-alphas” to wolves, Rogers recognizes that she is a humble apprentice, then disciple. The wild and the wisdom of the ancient wolf archetype is awakened, unmasking the injustice of the longstanding “big bad wolf” stereotype.

The pack odyssey—set in the alluring geography of New Mexico’s diverse beguiling landscapes—is full of colorful characters, surprises, humor, and heartbreak. Rogers is blessed, challenged, and forever changed by unexpected shared experiences with the wolves and the unbreakable bonds that even death cannot undo. The initiation and integration into the life of a wolf pack crosses a threshold into another culture, a different world—ancient and mysterious yet curiously familiar, transcending boundaries of space, time, and species.