Problems in Otolaryngology

by P. Ratnesar
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Publisher: Springer Netherlands

Series: Problems in Practice

Publication Date: September 29, 2015

ISBN: 9789401166638

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The aim of this book is to give a short and practical account of the problems related to the ear, nose and throat. The presenta­ tion is orientated towards arriving at a diagnosis based on the presenting symptoms and signs and aid the management of the case. While it is specifically intended for those who have not had the opportunity of devoting much time to the subject, I hope that it may be of some service to the more experienced practitioner. Padman Ratnesar Farn boro ugh, 1984 7 Series Foreword This series of books is designed to help general practitioners. So are other books. What is unusual in this instance is their collective authorship; they are written by specialists working at district general hospitals. The writers derive their own experience from a range of cases less highly selected than those on which textbooks are traditionally based. They are also in a good position to pick out topics which they see creating diffi­ culties for the practitioners of their district, whose personal capacities are familiar to them; and to concentrate on contexts where mistakes are most likely to occur. They are all well­ accustomed to working in consultation.