Primate Adaptation and Evolution

by Unknown, Author
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Publisher: Academic Press

Publication Date: August 26, 2015

ISBN: 9781483288505

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Primate Adaptation and Evolutionis the only recent text published in this rapidly progressing field. It provides you with an extensive, current survey of the order Primates, both living and fossil. By combining information on primate anatomy, ecology, and behavior with the primate fossil record, this book enables students to study primates from all epochs as a single, viable group. It surveys major primate radiations throughout 65 million years, and provides equal treatment of both living and extinct species.

ï Presents a summary of the primate fossils
ï Reviews primate evolution
ï Provides an introduction to the primate anatomy
ï Discusses the features that distinguish the living groups of primates
ï Summarizes recent work on primate ecology