Presentations - 7 Deadly Sins and more besides!

How not to undermine your presentation...
by Philip St Lawrence
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Publisher: Trouador Publishing Ltd

Publication Date: January 11, 2017

ISBN: 9781788031653

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Do you want to be an even better presenter than you already are? Do you enjoy a thought provoking entertaining read that will genuinely help you? If so, ‘Presentations – 7 Deadly Sins and more besides!’ is for you. Highly readable and written with an uninhibited panache, the book is replete with insightful skills that turn the average presenter into a star presenter! Topics abound: from the dormouse syndrome to displacement indulgences; from how to build ethos to presenting matters of contention; from death by power point to the perils of the finger snapper, this is an enjoyable read that will put a smile on your face and provoke new thinking as well. Philip has won many plaudits as an outstanding presenter. Over 96% of testimonials regularly rate his Seminars and Courses as amongst the best experienced. That is quite some record! Now with his observations of hundreds of speakers, Philip has made this into a ‘must read’ for salespeople, politicians, and speakers from all walks of life. His enthusiasm for his subject literally bounces off every page! Thought provoking, occasionally contentious and never without passion, this book is not to be missed. An invaluable compliment to its sister book 'The Presentation Secrets of Professional Speakers!'