Preparing for the Journey Through Adolescence

A Handbook for Teens
by Indira Gilbert
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Publisher: Xlibris UK

Publication Date: February 01, 2018

ISBN: 9781479704804

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The Handbook Preparing for the Journey through Adolescence: A Handbook for Teens makes adolescents aware, in a down-to-earth manner, of the hardships that await them in those trying, though exciting years. It deals in detail with the challenges that face adolescents. The Handbook aims at helping adolescents understand themselves and seeks to equip them to cope with the pressure that awaits.

The Handbook goes further to help adolescents understand their parents within the context of parenting.

Guidance is provided for adolescents to focus on and prepare for the world of work which sits on their horizon.

An interesting list of Principles for life and a comprehensive list of South African resources are provided to facilitate access to professional help.

A stunning, uplifting, and inspiring book, that is hugely comprehensive and impressive. It is impressively and clearly set out, with pertinent questions at the end of each section. It is easy to read with some very gut- wrenching and powerful chapters. I cannot see how anybody can walk away from it unmoved, and unchanged in their direction in life, at least to some extent. If the advice given is taken, many young people will lead productive, responsible, wholesome lives that will bring them true happiness.

Freelance Editor, Pietermatrizburg, South Africa

This book could not have come at a better time. It offers sound factual information, based on principles and values on which the young can base their choices, and enter adult life with a set of values that will endure and lead to true happiness.

Medical Doctor, Durban, South Africa