Prepare and Arise

It's Time for the Nations!
by Stephen Bennett

Publisher: BookBaby

Publication Date: April 02, 2018

ISBN: 9781543926712

Binding: Kobo eBook

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‘Prepare and Arise - It’s Time for the Nations,’ has been written over 17 years. It is a call to singers, musicians, artists, and believers everywhere, to rise up now and be ready for the greatest time in history, despite all the troubles on earth. A time to fully understand the season we are in, a time of some of the greatest Christian creativity, that will carry a governance of Spirit and power to have global influence. There is a call from God to get ready. Many have been prepared over years through trials, tests and circumstances of life, learning much, and be fashioned in godly character. This is not a time to give up, but to lift up your eyes, and believe for the greatest days of your lives. A time for impacting cities and nations, for the rest of mankind to seek the Lord. This text has three sections, Prepare and Arise, Arise Shine the Glory’s Coming, and Time for the Nations. The titles sum up the heart of the book. Preparation, God’s power and glory being revealed on His Church, and the turning of nations to Him. These are the days. Get ready.