Pregnant with Autism A New Mother's Story

by Stephanie Rodgers

Publisher: Amber Ink Publishing

Publication Date: May 19, 2015

ISBN: 9781311004468

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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Growing up Stephanie did not realize how different she was than her peers. Stephanie thought the other kids were weird once they hit middle school. Then in high school puberty hits Stephanie and she has a change of heart. Now Stephanie must fight to understand puberty and fit in with the other kids. Already years behind she makes many mistakes. One mistake leads to her getting pregnant at age 17.

Jennifer was the head cheerleader at Stephanie's high school. Jennifer dressed in very revealing ways which got her a lot of attention from boys. Stephanie wanted to learn how to be like Jennifer and set out on a quest to dress like her and act like her.

Stephanie's mother does not approve of her new behavior and is struggling to find out why her daughter all of a sudden cares about being popular. Meanwhile Stephanie must hide her attempt to be more like the other girls including Jennifer in school by cutting her outfits up to look more revealing.

Stephanie asks her mother to purchase new outfits that look more like the other girls clothes but when her mother resists Stephanie becomes more obsessed with being like Jennifer and the other girls and begins to take matters into her own hands.

Without the social understanding of her peers Stephanie is vulnerable and easily taken advantage of. One day a boy who wants to have sex talks Stephanie into sleeping with him. What happens next will change Stephanie's life forever as she becomes pregnant with a new baby.

As the series continues we will see how Stephanie struggles as a young single mother raising her own baby while having autism. She continues her obsession with fitting in with her peers and will risk anything to be more like them.

This is a great read for parents wanting to understand autism and puberty from a woman's perspective.