Pregnancy Tales: Facts for Overcoming Fear

by Lewis Bakkero

Publisher: Lewis Bakkero

Publication Date: May 16, 2015

ISBN: 9781311414991

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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Pregnancy is a wonderful time for every couple: enthusiasm and emotion mix in with fear and hesitation in a magical cocktail that takes 9 months to drink. The question: "Am I doing the right thing?" will pop up in your head many times. Pregnancy tales have been there for a while, trying to reduce the uncertainty and anxiety that this new experience generates in all of us. They are an attempt to respond many of the questions pregnant couples face on a daily basis.
"Do you remember what grandma said about the effect of the moon on delivery date? Can I eat sardines while pregnant? Is it right that first babies tend to be overdue?" Some of these tales are based on the excellent observational skills of our elders and have been ratified by modern science. Others have a more uncertain foundation and have been refuted by the available data. The veracity of a few others remains inconclusive.
This book builds on the solid foundations of science to explain in plain English what science has added/removed from the wisdom of our ancestors. This is likely the most comprehensive guide to pregnancy tales up to date. After going through the book you will have first hand knowledge of some of the most pressing questions every pregnant couple faces in this wonderful period of their lives.
The book is organised in several main categories of tales that help locate items of interest. This does not mean you should read the book in any specific order: let your curiosity (or the comments of your in-laws) drive you through it.