Pregnancy Poems Collection: A Gift Book

by Syllabus Onajobi

Publisher: Syllabus Onajobi

Publication Date: May 11, 2015

ISBN: 9789789357352

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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Pregnancy Poems Collection instantly gives you the perfect poems for any expecting Mom and Dad!

Pregnancy is a magically unique experience for both the expecting mother and daddy-to be. It’s a special movie in a woman’s life – she is the most beautiful actress in the leading role. One of the most thoughtful ways to identify with anyone going through pregnancy experience is to give care, love and support.

Whether it’s your wife, daughter, son, sister, brother, parent, aunt, friend, acquaintance or anyone else that’s on a pregnancy journey, this book provides you with the inspirational pregnancy poems that will touch that expecting person’s heart.

To anyone expecting, poems make a unique gift that shows you care, and help her or him mirror courage, hope, motivation and inspiration from poetry. You will find in this book, poems that are sure to soothe the soul, inspire and warm the heart of anyone.

What kind of poems will you find in this collection?

Inspirational poems on ovulation, trying to conceive and getting pregnant

- General poems about pregnancy journey
- Beautiful pregnancy announcement poems to break the news
- Pregnancy stages and baby development poems
- Interesting pregnancy poems for mom and dad expecting a baby girl or boy
- Poems to Inspire Pregnant Women
- Poems about Being Pregnant from Moms written by moms during their pregnancies
- Poems for my Pregnant Wife from Daddy-to-be
- Poems for my Pregnant Daughter from Mother and Father
- Poems for Pregnant Sister
- Poems to Pregnant Friend
- Poems to expecting Daddy
- New Pregnancy Poems
- First Pregnancy Poems for first time Mom and Dad
- Teenage Pregnancy Poems
- Motivational Pregnancy Poems for Single Pregnant Moms
- Multiple Pregnancy Poem
- Therapeutic poems to overcome grief, emotional difficulties and pregnancy complications
- Labor , Childbirth and Birth Announcement ...